Thursday, April 2, 2015


Here we are in the spring time and today the weather is almost 80 degree and the sun is shining.  Tis the season for highlights, color, brightness. We need the hues of the spring. It puts that extra bounce in our step and reflects the moments that we create in our lives. 

Right now in Junko Hair Studio there is a continuing education class on color that we have done for our stylists. this helps more that just us, it helps you the client, because the more that we know the more opportunities  you have to have fun with your colors for this wonderful spring. 
Above, we have two colors that are very bright and fun. Now this may not be your personal style, which is fine, but this is an idea for what can make the spring time more fun. In the first picture, you are looking at an arrangements of color that go from teal to purple. This is fun because of their spring colors. Next we have a fiery orange that lights up the room everytime she comes around (this is our stylist Alex).

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keratin Treatments

Rain, rain, go away. Atlanta has been in a torrential downpour over the past few weeks. there have been a few spots of sunshine and it is about to heat up a bit (can't wait). This isn't an Atlanta weather report, by any means, but the weather can take a toll on your hair. More than just wet or dry. In a previous article, we talked about how the cold can dry out your hair and scalp and recommended a good product to fight off the dryness. Now lets talk about how all this rain and the warm weather can effect you.

It's moist and humid in Georgia. Especially in the spring. Hair is effected dramatically by it. when you curl your hair it will get limp and fall flat pretty quickly. Straighten your hair and it will get frizzy. The elements are not for our hair. UV rays penetrate and damage (especially colored hair), and it just causes a mess. What is happening is that when you mix any heat and the moisture in the air you are changing the bonds in the follicle. so anything that you have done to it, will before naught. There are several products that you can use to try to battle this, but products will only flatten your hair, as they merely weigh them down. Its another battle.

Keratin Treatments are a great way to maintain the proper moisture in your hair. We use Coppola's Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment for such issues.

Keratin is a protein. While you are reconstructing the bonds of the hair (without breaking them), We use the heat to seal in the treatment. The heat will activate it and the chemicals begin to work. Don't wash your hair for about 3 days so that the chemicals can get in there and the conditioning treatment can do the work of smoothing, straightening, and strengthening (remember protein) of the follicle that has taken some abuse due to the moisture and heat in the air. Keratin Treatments protect the hair and keeps a lustrous, and beautiful shine and even cuts your blow dry time down  40%! Pretty exciting for that lady on the go.

After the 3 days is up you won't want to use a regular shampoo. The cleansers in it (Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates) are the most common surfactants and are too harsh to use. It will scrape away  the natural oils that your hair and scalp produce. So of course it will take away any conditioning treatments that have been applied. There are a wide range of sulfate free lines, but personally, I like the Bumble and Bumble Color
minded shampoo and conditioner line. It's a gentle, sulfate free shampoo that uses mild cleansers so that you aren't washing away any color or necessary oils that your  hair needs to look bright and healthy.

You'll want to condition regularly and shampoo only twice a week. even though this is a mild shampoo, you'll want the treatment to be as effective for as long as possible.

Well that is all that I have for now. Subscribe to our blog for other hair care tips and suggestions to give you your best head of hair. Book and appointment with us by calling (404) 814-1827, or go to our website at to book an online request.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Time Worry

Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring
Wintertime doesn't mix with your hair very well. The drying effects of the cold weather (and we are about to have some Atlanta) bring a whole lot of issues. Cold air strips your hair of moisture and can cause breakage, dry frizz (when mixed with static electricity- I know about this as it happens to me constantly), and can even cause dandruff if not taken care of promptly and correctly.

You CAN Beat This!!

Aveda's Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo works wonders for these issues. Its a great combination of a moisturizing shampoo that is sulfate free, (uses a secondary cleanser instead of sulfate surfactants) and has conditioning properties infused with proteins to strengthen the follicle. It's important not to strip your scalp and hair of its moisture with harsh cleansers, especially with the dryness that winter weather brings.

Conditioning regularly is important. It keeps down static electricity when dry frizz blows your hair every which way and can make for the worst hair day. The wind is blowing in  Atlanta tonight so make sure that you are conditioning and guarding your hair from the element with a silk scarf or something that won't allow the static to build up.

Make sure that you are trimming the split ends. Your hair works really hard to fix them and it can cause extra frizz. Come by the salon for a quick trim to beat that damage. You can give us a call at (404) 814-1827 or book an appointment online.

Keep warm and keep it up. Your hair will appreciate it.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Products are super important when styling, coloring, or maintaining your hair. What's important, is that you find the product that fits your specific needs. We have a product list and they vary for each individuals needs. Deep conditioning, styling, blow-dry, volumize, color care, What does it all mean? well it means that you have to do a lot of digging and there is a lot of trial and error involved. make sure that you let your stylist know what you need/want. For example, maybe your hair has a brassy tone to it after some time goes by or maybe its just in the transitioning. It happens. Instead of paying for a touch up, you can use Aveda's Blue Malva. One of the highlighted ingredients in its formulation is Centurea Cyanus Flower Extract (cornflower).  The reason this specific ingredient blend is important is because of its anti-irritant, antioxidant, and astringent properties, cornflower may help increase tone while minimizing oxidative stress and delivering a soothing aesthetic.  In other words, you are able to take out this brassy color tint that you see happening and save yourself the trouble of coming to see us for nothing. There are other active ingredients that generate moisturizing effects as well to help protect the hair. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


We are VERY excited to start off a new year in 2015 with a bang. We are Located in Buckhead and are under new management. We have a great list of stylists that we are going to be introducing you to one by one. We have plans for renovations to freshen out look and as always, our product lines are amazing. We are going to use this blog to feature products and styles that you will definitely enjoy.